Viens me trouver.

"I made up my mind that I would hold onto nothing, that I would expect nothing."
Writing once a day to keep insanity away.

"the centre of every poem is this:
i have loved you. i have had to deal with that."


"Where did you go? Where are you now? I ask about so many of my friends Oh, about their ends. What about us?
Are we just dust, on the floor again, I thought we were on the mend”


glow blog

"Somewhere between emotional and emotionless."
"Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind."


Last Exit to Broooklyn


Text Me (2/10) 9:07 PM - Elijah (2001).
Texts on an old Nokia transferred into a simple transparent image.


Text Me (2/10) 9:07 PM - Elijah (2001).

Texts on an old Nokia transferred into a simple transparent image.


i love this


i love this


arctic monkeys


arctic monkeys


1h 48 min ago
Hey. I’m not really sure where I am right now because the ground is swirling around and around and around and I can’t really walk at all and I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing but I heard our song today. Remember when we sang it together that one time? Actually, I think it was two times. Three. A lot of times. Anyways I heard it and decided that I needed a drink. Call me.

1h 32 min ago
Why haven’t you called me back yet? It’s been so long. I’ve been waiting forever. Call me please. I’m just sitting, you know. Just sitting on the steps. Yeah. Call me.

1h 10 min ago
Hey, where are you? You still haven’t called me. Are you safe? I’m safe. I miss you. I’ve been missing you. A lot. You make me feel safe. Anyways, you should really call me. I’m feeling a little woozy. I really want to lay down in your lap. You can come over and hold my hand, okay? Call me.

1h 03 min ago
I was just thinking. Do you remember that time you held my hand under the blanket when we were watching a movie with all of our friends? You didn’t want our friends to see that you were holding my hand. Are you embarrassed of me? You should tell me how you really feel. I’ll wait for your call.

55 min ago
Hi, it’s me again. Are you still in love with her? You can tell me, you know. I won’t even cry. I haven’t been crying. If it sounds like I’m crying right now, I’m not. Just in case you were wondering. Do you wonder about me? I wonder about you. If you’re wondering about me right now, you can call me. Just call me please. I want to hear your voice.

40 min ago
What’s that thing about something something beer you’re in the clear, something something something? Do you remember it? I don’t remember it. I think I might throw up, though. I don’t remember how many shots I took but I didn’t chase them, I know that. You know, you were my chaser. You were—

36 min ago
Sorry, I had to hang up. I threw up. I’m such a piece of shit. Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah. You. You were my chaser. You were always the one that made everything better. You always masked the burn. You always took away the harshness. Like medicine. Like a painkiller or something. Like a drug. Are you gonna call me soon? I’m getting sleepy.

20 min ago
Hey. Are you still not over her? Are you with her right now? Why haven’t we spoken in weeks? I really miss you. You act like nothing ever happened between us and that’s not okay because something definitely did and we both know it. Everyone knows it. Just tell me if you want to be with me. I’ll be here by the phone if you wanna talk.

14 min ago
I’m probably gonna regret this when I’m sober, but I have a question for you. Do you love me? Do you feel anything at all for me? God, this hurts. I can’t feel my fingers. Babe, I can’t feel my fingers. Will you please come over here? Please? I need you. Come over right now, okay? I’m here.

10 min ago
I said before that I wasn’t crying but I am. I’m crying a lot right now because I need you; I just really really need someone because no one will hold me anymore and no one hears what’s going on in my head and no one understands and I just need someone to care. Just please, please come over and put your arms around me. Please. Or call me so I can hear your voice. Call me, please baby, please call me.

3 min ago
Are you there? Have you been getting my messages? Hello? I need you here. I need you to calm me down. Come now please. Please.

Baby. I have been waiting so, so, long for you to call me. For you to love me. And I need you to love me now. I can’t keep drinking love out of bottles like this. I can’t keep swallowing poison and pretending that it’s warmth. I can’t keep letting people leave without closing the stupid door behind them. I can’t keep giving myself away for free when everyone is looking for something so goddamn expensive. Are you looking for me? Please look for me. Please love me. I’ve loved you for so long. Can you please return the favor? Call me, okay? I’ll be here.

"Everybody I ever loved, I still love a little."